My last post was 2 years back, I remember posting chapter 2 of the Eurotrip travel series and then vanishing into thin air. It was mostly because of firewalls in my laptop and various system incompatibilities that were making it difficult to post decent looking blogs with decent hi-res pictures etc. I had given up after a few trials. However what I did not give up is on my domain subscription and my habit of clicking pictures after a good meal, and making mental notes of things I should be posting ‘later’.

The second half of 2019 saw me swamped with work and a lot of that stress saw me wanting, planning and postponing my breaks and getaways ‘to when things get better’. We all know how that went. In the current 2020 the world as we know it has changed so much so fast that it is barely recognisable. Its been more than 2 months that I’ve left home due to covid lockdown, and we have just been hit by cyclone Amphan so we now have no electricity, mobile networks etc, and we do not know how bad it will get from here. And of course this is not just me, a lot of people around the world are having it as bad or even worse. So the point of waiting for the right time etc has ceased to hold its relevance for me.

I have therefore decided to start posting whatever I have on hand, lockdown thoughts, recipes, ideas, realisations, blah, the works. At a time when most bloggers have realised that video sells more than written blogs and are starting youtube channels, I’m probably doing just the opposite by deciding to be raw and uncouth.

In fact, true to the trend and in dire need of things to explore since we couldn’t go out, even I have discovered some great youtube channels around food and travel. I’ll probably do a post or two on some of my new favorites.

There is a lot of pending old content I’ve been meaning to write about – the rest of the Eurotrip covering Paris, Amsterdam, Prague and Cesky Krumlov, another weekend trip to Bangkok during our anniversary last year in Feb which was quite local food centric and where we discovered some hidden gems in form of eateries, and our eventful trip across Turkey in October last year which easily deserves at least a couple of posts to describe the amazing people and their hospitality.

Let’s hope to get on with these then. People are saying staying home is the new normal. I refuse to say that as humans love their freedom and it will be about time we come up with a solution that allows us to get back to real normalcy instead of being content with this status quo. Until then, let’s allow the mind to wander at least 🗽🏰🏯🏟 posting a picture of happier times from Bodrum in Turkey, a place we have promised ourselves to visit again