I figured its been a really long time since my last post in may – half a year to be precise. its been a few months of health scares for us that have pushed us to make major changes in our lifestyle which i do not believe was too unhealthy in the first place, but i guess needed a bit of balance. walking and yoga have become a more regular part of our life as have vegetables, fruits and nuts. they have become a conscious chioice while processed stuff had bid adieu. It has undoubtedly brought about positive changes on the health front. So for this homecoming post, I’d like to leave you with a couple of ideas on what we are now choosing to eat, as part of this minimally invasive anti- fatty liver diet.    A clear soup can be turned into a full meal with pearl barley. Our choice of proteins – white meat – roasted or grilled alongside sauteed veggies make a balanced choice. The bong me looks for rice with her fish, to which organic black rice comes to my rescue. The occassional urge to splurge on the forbidden joys arises – but is tackler skillfully by balancing it with healthier accompaniments, for example more peas mushrooms tomatoes with a handful of sausages. The fear of boredom leads to the need to innovate – and we discovered that lean mutton liver can be sauteed and sliced into a fabulous and healthy topping for porridge or salads. A green coriander mint chutney can make a very good marinade for grilling veggies as well as meat. Sharing some of what i just described. Look forward to sharing notes with people who’ve  been in our shoes earlier

Pearl barley soup with shiitake mushrooms and bokchoy
Roast chicken with a side of veggies and organic black rice
Couscous salad with chopped boiled eggs
Millet porridge with boiled eggs and liver toppings
A healthy sunday roast
The occassional splurge of proteins- sausages eggs and toast with grilled tomatoes
Grilled Cottage cheese and coloured peppers
A waldorf salad with lean mayo