Rainbow salad
                                                                      Rainbow salad

There is no rainbow in this salad, just chose to call it given the way it looks; also because it reminds me of the pot of gold buried at the end of it as the leprechauns predict. Just peps you up doesn’t it? Even my ridiculous photography skills couldn’t hide its splendor. Now that I mention that, I also successfully achieved the involuntary dismantling of my other lens – the 18-55mm kit lens – in other words I just broke it due to my callousness. No I wasn’t in a hurry or in transit or in any other circumstance that might justify such an end. Basically I do not have a good excuse – I just gave a tug at the camera bag, in the dark, I hate the number of handles it has which get caught it in things, so that’s it, the tug and the lens fell and there was a smash – the cover was loose – and I checked to confirm the autofocus was not working. So far I am not missing it, it was a less used lens, but still. Sometimes I look at its dead body and think maybe I should take it to a shop to find out if its really dead or if it can be fixed. Maybe sometime soon.

About the salad, well there is nothing much to say. Summers are here, we have been throwing in whatever we have been able to lay our hands on. The theme was whatever was freshest in our stock that day. We threw in some:

  • Hand-shredded lettuce leaves
  • Fresh parsley
  • Cherry tomatoes halved
  • Boiled chickpeas for texture

Dressed it up with equal portions of:

  • Lime juice
  • Olive oil

and a pinch each of:
salt, sugar and freshly ground pepper

Tossed and served.


FYI, things like grilled mushrooms and chopped apples went into the salad even as this picture was clicked.