Times Food Awards Kolkata 2015 at ITC Sonar
Vegetable carvings at Matsuri stand

Visited the Times Food Awards yesterday at the ITC Sonar, saw some of my favorite restaurants in the city win some awards. It was great to cheer for places like Ramkrishna Lunch Home which we frequent so often for the softest idlis in town, or for the Swissotel team who have almost become an extended family of KFB. Nightlife awards went to places like Zara the Tapas Bar, Splash at Swissotel (which undoubtedly has the best view ever with its infinity pool), and the ever favorite and crowded Someplace Else. It is also good to see I have a list of new places to visit, Shisha for example, or even Sushi Oke at Park Street. Click here to see all THE WINNERS

CTimes Food Awards Kolkata 2015 at ITC Sonar
Chefs posing for KFB paparazzi, The veiled Biryani at Dum Pukht

It was great meeting and chatting up with these guys from my favorite (and I guess the only) Japanese restaurants in town, Fuji and Matsuri. They really demonstrate that Japanese food is much beyond sushi, so proud of them.

The Fuji/Matsuri guysTimes Food Awards Kolkata 2015 at ITC Sonar
The Fuji/Matsuri guys

The folks from Aaheli put up some delicious looking feast as well.

Times Food Awards Kolkata 2015 at ITC Sonar
Bengali Thali, Fish in mustard sauce, lobster, Daab chingri from Aaheli

I am always drawn towards stacks of breads, this time was no exception. Au Bon Pain had some of their fresh bagels on display whereas Spaghetti Kitchen was not far behind in showing off their fresh bakes, and rightly so, they are by far the best Italian restaurant in town.

Times Food Awards Kolkata 2015 at ITC Sonar
Fresh breads from Spaghetti Kitchen and Au Bon Pain, Parfait from the latter

For all this food I saw, smelled and photographed, pity I came back without a bite due to time constraints. But I find solace in the fact that all the food on display will still be available at the places I frequent often, so I can always go and order!

Times Food Awards Kolkata 2015 at ITC Sonar
Sweet spread from Paris Cafe

It was star-studded evening with the who’s who of Tollywood (the Bengali film industry) being present and giving awards and cracking jokes on the stage. However I only landed this one picture of Dev with the funny host Mir. Fellow blogger Sammya is great at these things, and has managed to capture all the action on his photoblog http://www.deckleedge.info.

Mir and Dev at Times Food Awards Kolkata 2015
Mir and Dev (the only celeb pic I took)

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