All my dessert cravings happen close to midnight, usually that is a time when I’m watching a movie. Clearly I am torn between rushing to the kitchen and not missing the movie. Luckily for me someone invented the microwave. And then someone else invented the mug cake. And as if it weren’t instant enough I decide to cut short a few more steps to land up a real easy lazy deal.


Here is what I do.
Drag myself into the kitchen.
Grab a coffee mug.
Empty a pack of instant premixed coffee into the mug.
Add 3 spoonfuls of sugar,  an egg,  a few drops of vanilla essence, and a spoonful of self raising flour.
Beat swiftly with a fork.
Place mug in microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes.
Remove and dig in.

For a more sinful treat,  you could drizzle it with condensed milk or molten chocolate sauce.