Zara has changed its tapas menu. They have now added things like roast lamb on couscous, prawns with hummus, bean pate, and similar things. However when we walked in, we were in the mood for something bigger, so unlike our other peckish visits here, we settled for the fillers.

The tenderloin burger (Rs 335) came with deep fried potato pops, coleslaw, and a spicy red sauce (thankfully not ketchup). The burger, fairly huge in height and girth, was filled with a juicy patty, grilled onions and pickled gherkins. It was mostly devoured by the husband who loved the quantity and the filling, but complained of being overspiced with herbs when he was about half way down. I would agree they could keep a leash on the spices because I faced a similar fate with my grilled chicken in creamy mushroom sauce (Rs 375). My chicken came slathered with a rich mushroom sauce, accompanied by mashed potatoes, grilled vegetables and coleslaw. I would have liked to say it was great, for they really did appear to go all out with the presentation and the intetion to fill us heavily with the huge portions. Only if they start going easy on the herbs, it would be a perfect place to visit. And yes, improve on their desserts. We ordered for a chocolate brownie. It was dry. I’ve had better stuff at coffee shops.

In short, changing menus are good so long the quality is not affected. We noticed they have made extra efforts on plating the food, fine dining style. Not that earlier it was any messy. However, as a matter of taste, we were disappointed to be disappointed. Being one of our favorite regular joints, and the only place in the city to serve ‘tapas’ style finger food, we hope they take note and buck up soon! Else we’ll just have a place less to go 😦