If you like curry but wish there was some deviation from the regular fare, this one is for you. Couple of caches though, you may need to procure a couple of Korean ingredients. Not a problem if you are in Delhi or other cities that have Korean Stores though. I stocked mine in Delhi from BG mart (Green Park) or from the omnipotent INA market.Not sure if Kolkata has stores, it would be nice to know. (I have to thank my friend Kaajal Pradhan Lamba for introducing me to Korean food in general, ingredients and stores and this recipe, though I did try to tweak it a bit)

The Korean ingredients

Anyhow, here goes the easy peasy recipe to the Korean Chicken Curry.

What you need:

Chicken – 250 gms, chopped into medium sized pieces
Onions – 2 medium or 4-5 small onions
Capsicum – 1 small, sliced thinly
Potatoes – 1 medium, cubed
Ginger – a knob of an inch, grated
Korean chilly paste (Gochujang) – 3 tbsp
Miso paste – 1 tbsp (optional, can be replaced with dark soy sauce)
Green chillies – 2 nos
Sesame oil (Korean or Chinese)
Regular oil (sunflower/rice bran etc)
Water/chicken stock

How to go about it:

Lightly saute the chicken pieces in the regular oil till they are light brown. Remove them and saute the onions in the same wok till they wilt and become translucent. Add the potatoes and capsicum, saute for a few minutes. Add the chicken, grated ginger, korean chilly paste, miso paste, green chillies and enough chicken stock/ water to cover the chicken. Season with salt and a pinch of sugar if you prefer (I do) and simmer away on medium heat for about 20 mins or until chicken and potatoes are tender. Turn off the heat, drizzle with a tbsp of sesame oil and you are all set. Garnish with some chopped spring onions if you like.

The final product

PS: Please be careful about the sesame oil. Do not use the local ones if you don’t get Korean or Chinese versions, it will impart a rancid taste and simply spoil the dish.