Yeah exactly, there is more to Japanese takeaway than sushi. And so what if the place is called Sushiya? From where the entire city orders Sushi? Sometimes even vegetarian? (beats me too, but whatever) It was just one of those days, I wanted to order out, I wanted something healthy, tasty, something I cannot make at home (yet), some Japanese, yet not the usual stuff. Most importantly, I did not want to cook, was tired of having my own cooked food, too predictable. I had two options around the place I stay, Tamura and Sushiya. Both have their strengths and weaknesses. I chose not to dwell on those for too long, opened my bedside drawer, my treasure trove of resources, mainly a pile of takeaway menu cards I rarely use since am too busy ‘finishing off leftovers’.

Anyhow, I called Sushiya and told them I want to have one of the Donburi sets, with a miso soup. I as slightly confused as to which combo to order, the shortlist narrowed down to teriyaki or katsu. I wanted a slight curry,
with the sticky rice. The voice at Sushiya read through my confusion and quickly informed me Teriyaki was the best selling. So I decided to go with the choice of the masses.

They delivered within 45 mins (Saket to my place is quite a distance). The food was piping hot, to my amazement, despite the transit time. The Miso soup was nice, subtler than what I had from them earlier. This one has small bits of tofu, radish and garlic chives. Although I preferred the miso soup I had last time I ordered, which did not have the addages and yet had tasted stronger, this one wasn’t bad either, given that I was looking for a warm healthy broth down my throat which wasn’t feeling too well.

Miso soup

The Donburi, like all Japanese bento, was like an artwork in itself. And I’m not lying when I say I was actually staring at the thing in front of me, not willing to spoil the ‘picture’ with my fork (fine, they did give chopsticks, they always do. Plus I have my own. But I was too hungry to have the patience of picking up tiny morsels of rice like a prim geisha.) The sticky rice at the bottom of the bowl was covered by a generous layer of bite sized pieces of teriyaki chicken and caramelised onions. This was topped with a translucent thin layer of egg with baby spinach leaves peeping from underneath, and beautifully finished with a generous sprinkling of chives, sea weed and toasted sesame seeds. I dug in deep till the fork stood upright and I hit what I was looking for, my precious, the pearly chewy sticky rice.

Teriyaki Chicken Donburi set

I know, high glutamic index, fat inducing, not ideal for ‘health’and associated blah. But hey, comfort food remember? The teriyaki chicken and onions were the usual Japanese sweet mild flavors. Half-way down the meal, I decided to make it more enjoyable and spiked it with some satanic Manali soy-chilly paste (procured from Majnu ka tilla) and toasted sesame oil, two shortcuts to paradise.

In short, I was most satiated with my donburi from Sushiya. Yes I did think of ordering sushi too, and as a starter to that I had asked the guy if this order would suffice. What I meant was from their view point of minimum order for home delivery. He, however, paused and told me squarely, this order would more than suffice a single person Ma’am. I could instantly visualise the image he had conjured of me in those 30 seconds, no I didn’t want to know, so I had quickly thanked and hung up.

I would though have to say this, that though I always loved their sushi, their quality of sushi has deteriorated over the years. It isn’t served as fresh as it used to be couple of years back. The rainbow rolls no longer come with the roe garnish as they did earlier. Perhaps a case of taking the seasoned customer for granted. I wish they didn’t do that.

Anyhow, I noticed they have changed their menu card. They now have some exciting discount coupons for the next purchase just like the pizza people. Apparently one can also order a DIY sushi set for just Rs 99/- which contains sushi rice, sea weed and the jing bang. Must try next time!