Life is too short to accomplish everything we want. But it is good to have a list and get started. My last few single years have opened up my senses and exposed me to my latent innermost passions that I never knew existed. Travel and food are the two things that topped the chart, and I was lucky to have a traveling job that allowed me explore these interests. When I visit a new place, I am always overwhelmed with the vast amount of information there is to absorb. Every place has something to offer, mountains, beaches, forests, old buildings, historical ruins that come with intriguing tales, colourful markets, interesting people, curious customs and traditions, and of course, the local food. Usually I like it, sometimes I don’t. But I make no apologies to myself. The regret of not having tried a certain thing while I had access to it is far too big to give anything a miss. Short life, like I said.
In the last few years I realised that single living could actually be fun. One needn’t go out or depend on friends and parties to have a nice time. And cooking for one need not be a pain; fixing leftovers could be an everyday affair for singles. Then there are times when we decide to cook something but half the ingredients are missing. I mean we all know the ‘right’ way of doing it, but I like to devise shortcuts for everything. If nothing else, I just intend to document my survival strategies on this blog.